Lillie is 18 months old!

We made it to Korea and found a place to live. We're getting unpacked and settled in our new home. We had a rough first week with the huge time difference and jet-lag (oh and living in a hotel) but we seem to have all adjusted well. We're still waiting for our car to arrive but in the mean time we did buy a car. It's an older car but that seems to be standard for Korea (and with the way they drive here, I can see why). Lillie also turned 18 months. We go tomorrow for her check-up, but according to the Wii, she's a healthy 30 lbs! She's starting to talk a lot more and can repeat almost anything you say. She's still a pretty sensitive little girl and Mackenzie does a really good job of irritating her! Lillie loves to cuddle and lay her head on my ever growing belly. I'm a little worried (ok, a lot worried) on how she will react to the new baby, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!


In case you didn't hear!

Baby number 3 will be arriving in May! We're very happy with our little surprise, just a little overwhelmed (at least I am). So yes, this baby will be born in Korea!
Here is a picture of an ultrasound we had (and no we don't know what we're having, that's a surprise)!

18 weeks, 2 days

Christmas... a little late

Whoa, have we been busy! The month of December is kind of a blur. The beginning of the month consisted of packers, movers, and more packers and movers. For a move to Korea, the Army only allows half of the usual allotted weight for household goods so we had to decide what to bring and what to put into to storage. It's not easy to decide what you need for two years and what you don't need. We ended up having three different sets of packers and movers and we were out of Texas by mid-December. We spent the next week traveling around the southeast with two cars, two children, two cats, and only the stuff we'll somehow fit on a plane to Korea. We got to Georgia just before Christmas and spent over a week at my parent's house. We're now at Fort Rucker while Cole takes the Warrant Officer Staff course. We're still not exactly sure when we're flying out (the Army won't book our tickets until 2 weeks out, urgggggg) but we know it will be before February 15th!

Christmas Morning
Lillie loves the tree!
Opening presents!
Shake, shake!
Lillie and Lulu
Daddy and Mackenzie
Christmas night attempt at a group picture! (lots of tired girls)


Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween here in Texas! It was warmer than I'm used to but that seems par for the course here in Texas! We went to our church's trunk or treat and had a great time. It was huge with multiple jumpy houses, a climbing wall, and other fall festival games and activities. This year we had a little ladybug and Minnie Mouse join us!

A semi-successful group picture!
Lillie the ladybug!
Mackenzie as Minnie Mouse!
Face painting!
Having a good time at the trunk or treat!


Pumpkin Patch

We joined some other moms and children at a local pumpkin patch. Mackenzie and Lillie had a great time painting pumpkins and going on a hay ride. As always, getting good pictures of both of them is next to impossible!

Lillie loves to paint!
Mackenzie with her beautiful pumpkin!
At least Mommy's smiling!
Hay is much more interesting then the camera!


Highland Games

We were able to travel to Atlanta and see lots of family and attend the Stone Mountain Highland games. I've been going to these games since I was a baby and really wanted Mackenzie and Lillie to experience the event. We weren't able to go last year because Lillie was just born and we were in Texas. My Mom got Mackenzie and Lillie little kilts and they were so cute!

Nanny and Mackenzie
Lulu and Lillie


Lillie is 1 year old!

My sweet little girl is already one year old! Wow, what a year! We survived three moves, eight months without Cole (daddy), and lots of growing pains. Through it all, both girls grew and thrived! We are so blessed and happy to be together as a family again. Lillie has just started taking steps (video below) and should be walking steadily very soon. She's also very passionate about her food and will let you know when she wants more. Her love of food shows in her rolls and she weighs 24 lbs now (we'll get an official number when she goes to the doctor). She is a delight and we are so fortunate to have her!

What a difference a year makes!

One Year Old!

Playing with Papa Mac!


11 months old *hold me*

Lillie is officially one month away from being one year old! I guess time flies when you're not sure where you're going to be living the next month! Lillie is getting big and outgrowing most of her 12 month cloths already. She's a super fast crawler, like put her down, turn around and then back to find her across the house. She is also getting really good using the push-behind toy and cruising around the house. Despite some teeth coming in and the crankiness associated with those, she's still a really happy and easy-going baby. She loves (I mean loves) to play peek a boo. Her favorite foods right now are cheese, pineapple, beans of any kind, and ground beef.

Lillie smiling

More smiles!


What are YOU looking at?

Even more smiles!

So sweet!

Lillie at play!


We're in Texas, Lillie turned 10 months, Cole's home etc!

So we're finally in Texas again and Cole is home from Afghanistan. He arrived on July 4th and we've all enjoyed being a whole family again. Mackenzie is soooooo ecstatic to have her Daddy home and Lillie is happy to have someone else to get kisses from! We've been busy doing family stuff and getting our house ready to move back in to. We hope to be somewhat settled into that house and out of our temporary digs. Here are some pics on Lillie on her ten month birthday and from Cole's coming home celebration.

Always happy!

The Texas heat does nothing for my hair!
Getting ready to see Daddy!
Impossible to get good pictures!
Snack time! Nom, nom, nom!
Daddy's home!!!!!!!!!!


Mackenzie is 3!

Mackenzie turned three last week! My little baby is growing up into a beautiful little girl! She is so sweet most of the time and loves to make Lillie laugh. She loves to go swimming in the lake and go fishing with her Papa Mac. She talks all the time about her Daddy coming back (three weeks left!!!). She enjoys playing nurse to Gus, Lillie, and Holbear, making sure they're not cold and comfortable.
We had a small birthday party for her on Saturday and had fun eating homemade pizza and chocolate cake!
Height: 37.5 inches
Weight: 33 lbs

Three years old

Three years old

Happy Girl!
New pillow pet!
Looking at my new movies!
Thanks Lulu for the goggles!

Scary goggles!

With her gifts!
Blowing out the candles!

Birthday Girl!